Monday, 20 September 2010


You know, once when I was a teenager, I read this book about gypsies. I think it was one of those Mills & Boon historical romances. I loved reading. I was a total bookworm. In winter I would cuddle up under my thick wooly blanky and read until I fell asleep. I lived in an imaginative world of my own. Well getting back to the gypsy book, I can remember the beautiful gypsy woman dancing around the fire and can still smell the wood burning. I can still hear the stumming of the guitar in the background and how the gypsies moved from one place to another. Funny enough, I can´t remember what the story was about, probably some writers dream of the perfect love or something like that. But thinking about that has made me wonder why I always yearn to plunge myself into the unknown. I just can´t seem to settle! I am thinking of moving elsewhere after just 3 years in Germany. It´s not that I don´t like it here, it´s just that I want to gypsy down to Switzerland and try it out there as well. Could it be that somewhere in the human mind, deep down, that there is a yearning to wander. No, it can´t be, because here where we live in a tiny village in the Black Forest, there are people who are about 80 years old and have never even been 5 km´s outside the entrance. There is an entrance and an exit. No other way in or out.

So what makes me want to go places and see things? I should have studied anthropology or something to that extent. That would have been interesting. Anyway, I am planning our great journey, actually it´s not that far, but it will be interesting. We get bored very quickly, life seems too slow for us here but it´s nice, nevertheless. Two weeks ago, my kids bought me a pair of rollerscates. I used to be a really great rollerscater when I was seventeen. Jeewhizz!!! That was donkeys years ago, and now my kids think I can still do the scating thing, what a laugh. I got the scates onto my feet and tried to get up. That sent me flying, believe me. Everyone laughed and there I was, rocking and rolling down the walkway. And guess what after about a half an hour, I was flying past my husband, hooting and screaming, gleefully. Just imagine a 43 year old zooming past you with scates with four wheels. You know the type, those old fashioned ones. A really very larny pair with little mag wheels and all. Not those horrific inliners you get nowadays. I am really enjoying this Europe place. I´m doing things that I would never have dreamt of doing back in SA because there we are under the impression that we are over the hill by the age of 40. It´s the South African mentality, I think. It took us a long time to realize that we are still spring chickens to these people. Old oupas and oumas of 70 still go galavanting on there bikes. Well one can see that I haven´t blogged for a long time, so I had better call it quits.

Monday, 13 September 2010

What´s in a birthday?

So, today´s my birthday and all my children were up early this morning to wish me. The first gift was from my husband of course, and then all the others followed. They all complain a lot when birthdays come along because nobody really knows what to give someone who has everything. The point is in finding something that astounds. That´s the thing that everyone argued about. That´s what made me the happiest, just having everyone here with me. I feel that sometimes (most of the time) people forget what really counts. The memories!!!!!

The new camera

Looka t me....I´m like a child that has a new toy. These are some of the pics I took with the new camera.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

These are my wines from the region where we stay. I knew nothing about wine before this, but have since fallen in love with the whole wine story. My oldest daughter has just finished her studies and is now a qualified winemaker.

Apologetic Explanation

Well, hi everyone! I haven´t blogged since, well I can´t remember. The last blog I posted was when my mom-in-law was still here and that was nearly a year ago. I should´ve posted something a long time ago, but like I said, life goes on in this strange land that I hardly had time to find my bearings. And I find that in summer we tend to spend more time outside until very late. You know, the European late. The 2 o´clock in the morning those who live in SA, I have to mention that it gets dark very, very late here in the northern hemisphere. So by the time it´s dark, it´s past a South Africans bedtime. Then it still feels early to us and we stay up 2 to 3 hours longer, making it morning already..hehehe. Well, we have adapted to this weird time thingie now and find that we have missed a whole lot of living throughout our lives.

I have also been very busy with my shop that I have opened and it´s been an exteme battle here in this strange land far, far away. It was hard, it was overwhelming, it was a nightmare, but it was done. We worked hard my family and I, but it all worked out in the end and I have been soooo busy in my little wine gallery. We still have a lot to do, but the finer details can come with time. I am happy. It´s taken us three years, but we managed to cling on to our sanity here in Far, far away which doesn´t seem to be so very far away anymore.

We aren´t homesick so often anymore, and our nervous tendencies are not so noticable anymore. We don´t jump at every sound and go for long walks in the evening into the forests. And guess what, the only thing we are afraid of in those lonely places are...wait for it......werewolves!!!! So we have nothing to get our addrenalin pumping other than our imagination. So here are a few pics of my little wine gallery.