Saturday, 9 October 2010

When I think it´s Autumn

Well, today it´s officially Autumn here where we live. (according to me) It was officially Autumn 2 weeks ago here in Europe but the weather has been so nice, that one can hardly say that. Last Sunday we went for a nice long walk up the hills into the forests. I didn´t forget to take the camera with and had the opportunity to shoot some really nice pics. Just remember I´m new at this. So when something is good to me it may not really seem like any good thing at all to those who really know the ropes.

Here in the valleys between the mountains, one really knows when the weather is not going to stay nice anymore because the mist creeps in. It creeps is like a thief in the night and then envelopes everything. And guess what, it stays, like uninvited guests who just won´t leave. I promise you it remains practically forever to me. The whole night and the whole day. We see no sun, unless we leave the valley to go shop elsewhere. The girls go to college in the city, so it´s nice and clear there but when the get home it´s well, scary. Remember the movie 13th warrior. Practically something similar. Mist in the morning, mist in the afternoon, always. I remember my english teacher had this poem, it went something like this; "Out of the daylight and into the dark, you slowly swerve around a curve..."

Well, I´m leaving some pics of how it was last Sunday and the last pic of today. (Sunday a week later)